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Auctori: Core Features

When it's important to make frequent website updates (and we believe that most of the time it is), companies want to work in a system that allows site administrators to make edits any time, from anywhere in the world. The Auctori team knows every company is unique and every company's website is unique too.

Auctori is an ASP.NET content management system software product developed by a team of highly skilled, senior level programmers at Unidev.  Auctori Web CMS offers robust core and add on modules with valuable features designed to make updating a website as easy as possible. Even with no HTML training, Auctori users can build and edit website content like photos, text, navigation and submission forms. Unlike open source content management systems, Auctori is scalable, secure, ManyLingual and built for search engine optimization (SEO). Auctori also comes equipped with several SEO features.

Why choose Auctori for your Web CMS?

Search Optimized URLS and Site Directories

In several modules, users can incorporate important keywords into search optimized URLs and set up SEO-friendly site directories. This promotes the intuitive information architecture that search engines use to assign value to important website content.

Smart Image Caching

Auctori's image caching system [BLOG POST] improves image management, site performance and site load speed.

Seamless Upgrades

As part of Auctori's Support Program, when new features become available the Auctori team will update all clients to the latest version of Auctori. Free of charge.

Mobile Features

Detect mobile device types with Auctori and send those visitors to a more mobile friendly page. Just the click of a button in the Settings Module.

Automatic Archiving

In the Content Module, Auctori automatically archives to prevent the loss of important information.