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ManyLingual Concepts

As companies become more global and offer more translation options on their websites, usability is key. The below concepts represent how ManyLingual technology brings usability to global and international websites.

Target Page
The page to which a link leads.

Source Page
The page that link comes from, the location of a back link.

ManyLingual Links
The ability to provide links to a translated page in the language of the target page instead of the source page. This requires the ability to display two languages on one page.

Multilingual Web Content Management System

Auctori CMS: ManyLingual, Secure, SEO-friendly.

More and more, companies collaborate with employees in different parts of the world on the same website.  It's important to provide a user interface in each employee's native language. Auctori allows seamless translation into Chinese, Spanish, German and many other languages.

Auctori also provides the capability to launch websites in virtually any language.  Below we've listed a few additional multilingual features:

  • Auctori gives users the ability to communicate with a global audience in their native language, allowing your company’s message to reach diverse prospects.

  • Auctori provides search engine optimized multilingual pages. This includes keywords and meta information in the specific language.

  • For companies whose website administrators speak another language, Auctori allows users to change profile settings so the Auctori interface is instantly translated into the administrator's native language

  • Auctori allows multiple languages on the same page using its ManyLingual technology.

Multilingual Content Management Systems are imperative for accommodating international employees, website visitors and prospects. Using Auctori's ManyLingual capabilities, multiple languages can be displayed on the same page to appeal to international users on the same page:

English Text Version
Auctori provides clients with a search engine optimized website through its integrated web marketing component. Auctori is a high performance, fully supported, and secure web CMS that boasts daily backups and around-the-clock technical support. With an internet connection, Auctori can be accessed from anywhere in the world, including a mobile phone.

Auctori Global CMS Chinese Translation

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Auctori Global CMS Spanish Translation
Auctori proveye clients con un sitio web que es optimizado por motor de búsqueda con un componente de web marketing integrado. Auctori es un Web CMS (sistema de gestión de contenido) seguro, totalmente soportado y de gran rendimiento que cuenta con copias de seguridad diarias y soporte técnico durante todo el día. Con Auctori, se puede conseguir acceso desde cualquier parte del mundo con una conneción al Internet, incluyendo teléfono celular.

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Auctori Global CMS German Translation
Auctori bietet seinen Kunden eine suchmaschinenoptimierte Website mit einer integrierten Webmarketing-Komponente. Es ist ein hochleistungsfähiges, voll unterstütztes und sicheres Web-CMS, das tägliche Backups und technischen Support rund um die Uhr bietet. Auctori kann über eine Internetverbindung weltweit überall, auch per Handy, aufgerufen werden.

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